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Contrary to her cute and frail appearance, Pandora is a terrible, terrible, awful person who wouldn't think twice about killing/maiming/generally ruining a person's day. She's been in the making-people-feel-horrible business for a long while now and will certainly not apologize for it.

That said, if you're uncomfortable playing with Pandy, please let me know via this post! And if you're okay with her, don't be shy-- detail what is and isn't okay for her to do to your character both physically/psychologically (short of killing them because Inugami.)

The point of pretendyfuntimes is the funtimes, so let's work together to keep it that way!


The punk kid in the icon who's not Pandora? That's her big brother, Prometheus (though they don't. actually refer to each other as such ...) and the pair are pretty much attached at the hip except for rare occasions.

Inugami-wise they'll still be hanging around each other constantly WHICH MEEAAANS potentially the two of them will be posting together (we usually do this in 1/2 posts) in the same thread when interacting with other characters.
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Player Information

Name/Alias: Audrey
Player Journal: [personal profile] cherubot
Contact: PM the journal
Timezone: Pacific
In-game: N/A

Character Information

Name/Alias: Pandora
Fandom: Megaman/Rockman ZX
Canonpoint: After ZXA
Gender: Female
Age: Appears to be a teenager, maybe 15-16.

Physical Description: [original appearance, Inugami-mode!]

Robots only really pretend to have ages the way humans do-- it all depends on their programming and how they're built, you see. Pandora was built to resemble a girl in her early teens-- 15-16, think first-year highschooler range. The telltale signs that she's really a Reploid? An inverted red triangle on her forehead, hidden beneath her bangs, and bulky headphone-like attachments in place of ears. There's also the weird synthetic skin thing going on where it's dark everywhere but her face and fingertips. Yay robots! These will obviously not be present on arrival.

As a human, though, she looks fairly average, if you can get past the red eyes and mint-green, mid-back length hair. She's quite petite and pale, almost sickly-looking (and this will be in part to her not knowing how to take care of her new human body. Whether or not this improves will depend on her learning to cope and/or regaining her Reploid strength.). She won't be able to levitate as per her usual, but she'll continue to carry herself with a graceful air.

History: Please refer to the wiki.

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Critique/commentary goes here. I know Pandora can be difficult to deal with, but that's no excuse for poor playing! Please let me know how I'm doing, and how I can improve on it if possible!

Comments are screened.


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